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TTJT Labs is a growing company dedicated to website design, websites & emails hosting, Virus cleaning and network security. Our pride and joy comes when we deliver services that answer our customer's needs and make their day to day live more easier. TTJT LAbs is ready to serve any Company/ Organization who wish to bring life into their company by incorporating technology.

Our vision is to deliver to our customers suitable Information & Communication Technology (ICT) products and services that will solve their problems and make their day to day life easier.

  • Exclusivity: We offer high end benefits without any compromise
  • Accountability: We are obligated and willing to accept responsibility for our actions and decisions
  • Honesty: We conduct our business in all fairness and straight forwardness
  • Integrity: We strictly adhere to moral values and principles
  • Professionalism: We embrace a set of attitudes, skills, behaviours, attributes and values which are expected of an IT Company.

We constantly monitor quality levels. Our growth is geared to the capacity of the company. To be able to operate properly as a player in the industry's value chain, the quality supplied by TTJT LAbs (Pty) Ltd is guaranteed.